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Miche Watkins

I used to live in Cape Town and regularly bought clothes from Just Cruizin, my favourite clothes shop there. I loved their easy care material and the colours and was devastated to discover their website didn’t stretch to delivering to the UK where I now live. HOWEVER! I have now come across Creative Dezigns and am delighted they are UK based and sell Just Cruizin clothes here. I have bought 3 of their sleeveless tops in lovely neutral colours which go with shorts, skirts and trousers. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will soon have the sundresses in stock which were my staple in Cape Town. I’ve looked high and low in the UK for similar but just can’t find the same lightweight material and laid back designs. Finally I recently bought some tan Sweet Peas sandals from Creative Dezigns and they are perfect. I wanted leather throughout and love that they are handmade. They are already comfortable to wear and I like that I’m supporting local SA business. Price wise I’m happy too. All in all, a great company, I am SO pleased to have found you 👍


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