Startling Orange Infinity Snood


Our hugely popular range of snoods are knitted by ladies in Cape Town using their arms as the needles, a method known as “arm-knitting”.  The yarn is upcycled from off cuts of T-shirts so we absolutely love to be able to use fabric that may otherwise go to waste.  It also means each design is very limited and may not be repeated.

This fabulous shade of Orange yarn is vibrant and mood lifting, and a little brighter than the burnt orange knitwear shades but tones well with it.  It pairs well with all shades of navy, olive green, tans and brown;  and so it goes on.

The infinity snood is essentially a cross between a scarf and a necklace;  essentially it is a no-fuss scarf.  It accessories whilst also offering a little bit of neck warmth, but not too much.   Pull it over your head, and that is is…. oh and get ready for the compliments because you will receive them!

The snoods are individually made and each snood will vary slightly from the next.

  • wash carefully by hand and reshape whilst wet

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