SALAD BOWL MAN by Carrol Boyes Functional Art


An incredible salad bowl by the acclaimed South African artist Carrol Boyes.   This iconic piece is so exclusive that each sculpted pewter man base is inscribed with a unique number.   Because it was one of Carrol’s first truly sculptural pieces she wanted to make it in a limited edition to enhance its value.  A statement black epoxy resin powder coated bowl rests on the base.

Carrol Boyes finds the perfect synthesis between art and functionality in her distinctive work that is skilfully crafted in South Africa.  It is a truly wonderful piece to own and treasure forever.

  • Weight : 2088g
  • Dimensions : H:180 x D:260
  • Assembled man and bowl dimensions :Dimensions : H: 200mm x D: 260mmBowl dimensions:diameter : 260 mmheight : 125 mmMan dimensions :250 mm head to toe180 mm knee to knee

    90 mm highest body point


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