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Creative Copper

Creative Copper designs and hand makes brass copper and silver jewellery from White River, Mpumalanga – South Africa
Creative Copper brings you the best of both worlds – international trends combined with an understanding of unique South African lifestyle and cultures. Their collections are handmade locally, creating employment for a team of 50 South African men and women, including the disabled, from disadvantaged communities surrounding White River.

The factory is run on fair trade principles: Minimum wage structures are in place with bonus incentive schemes, wages are paid directly into the worker’s bank accounts, workers are offered sick leave, family responsibility leave, pensions and funeral benefits, UIF pregnancy funds assistance, maternity leave and access to a Labour Union. Life skill training is also a top priority there and they continually train their workers to understand and broaden their horizons on subjects including computer literacy, budgeting, nutrition, banking and assurance.

Every item of jewellery starts life as a single sheet of either copper or brass. The metal is cut to size, heat treated, brazed and joined. The final item is highly polished, cleaned and then covered with hard wearing lacquer. The silver designs are plated with 8 microns of sterling silver in their silver laboratory prior to being lacquered. The process of jewellery making is very labour intensive; from start to finish it is entirely hand made.

Creative Copper was born around the late 1980s and since then has had a very close relationship with Creative DeZigns, supplying us with their beautiful ranges.


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