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LT Fashions

We are proud to be working closely with this family run establishment in Kathmandu. Here a group of predominantly female workers, who are the usually the main income earners in Nepal, use traditional techniques to create the finest range of high quality organic cotton knitwear for Creative DeZigns. The clothing is made on hand machines, a labour intensive and skilled process and the work force is very well paid and have excellent working conditions.

Wild Olive

These unique textile jewellery necklaces were inspired when Nushka began experimenting in her workshop filled with pieces of beautiful fabrics with a variety of colours and textures. With a background in textile design and clothing manufacture, she began to experiment with jewellery. She now creates employment for mothers allowing them to work from home and in the workshop, making beads and supporting themselves, and has become a valuable community project.

Wild Olive jewellery uses environmentally friendly products incorporating recycled materials such as plastic, glass and fabrics and is based along the Garden Route in South Africa. Nushka is proud to be producing handmade local South African products.


Dor+Kie is a team effort by husband and wife, Andre and Diana James. They love to explore conventional materials in un-conventional ways, but with a firm focus on keeping true to their back-grounds in Industrial Design and Jewellery Design.
Dor+Kie is currently focusing on wood as the main manufacture material for creating body adornments (jewellery). The jewellery pieces are sculptural and on a larger scale than your conventional/commercially produced jewellery, but still light and comfortable to wear.

African Eyes

African Eyes is a project founded by Edwin Konde, rope jeweller and craft designer originally from Zimbabwe.
He brings together art crafters that enjoy making unique pieces for unique people in Cape Town. His project is inspired by African and Latin American traditions and values; legacies that are meaningful in our everyday life. Together they make rope jewellery with love and passion….gorgeous and powerful pieces.

Shelley Taylor Designs

Designed and made in Shelley’s studio in Somerset West, South Africa her focus is to create one-of-a-kind, unique statement jewellery.
Shelley started out over 14 years ago, and now employs a staggering 30 people. Creative DeZigns has worked closely with the warm and vibrant entrepreneur during this time and are delighted to be stocking her new Raw range.

Shelley believes that jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that can make you feel fabulous and unique.


“For the woman who prefers style and versatility in her dressing”
WEISS Cape Town was founded in 2011 by partners Peter and Debbie, otherwise known as ‘Debbie&theDude’

The fabrics used are mostly White 100% Cotton with a touch of complimenting prints in Cotton Rayon. Designed by Debbie, the clothes are individually manufactured in Cape Town, by skilled and dedicated ladies, committed to producing quality clothing.

WEISS Cape Town is known for their Classic styling and attention to detail.


An upmarket fashion range found in select outlets in South Africa, Jangi creators Jan and Angi are thrilled to be seeing some of their designs heading across the seas to the UK.
They go to the ends of the earth (literally) to source the ultimate fashion pieces for their collection with assembly and distribution based in South Africa. Locally and internationally manufactured pieces convey a fun, elegant and beautiful style for any occasion.


Tintsaba was founded by the late Sheila Freemantle in 1985. Her focus was on how she could help the women of rural Swaziland take charge of their lives and become independent.
Starting with only 12 local women, Sheila’s guidance, dedication and innovativeness brought Tintsaba to what it is today. These qualities ushered Tintsaba in to become renowned for refined, high quality sisal basketry weaving and jewellery making, and has been recognised as an industry leader and awarded repeatedly over the years.

Since inception Tintsaba has endeavoured to create a workplace that helps their women grow and develop themselves, through various courses and workshops in a variety of subjects such as leadership, skill-set development, training, environmental awareness and women’s health. They actively encourage an holistic approach to not only work but also in daily lives.

Over the last 30 years Tintsaba has trained and worked with over 1000 women in rural Swaziland, employing 20 Master Weavers and working with 26 women’s groups across Swaziland. The future for Tintsaba and Swazi women is one of independence, strength of self and to lead by example within our communities.

​Together we can weave a better life.

Just Cruizin Cool Clothing

Just Cruizin Cool Clothing, is a locally produced clothing label from the historic area of Woodstock in Cape Town.
Since the inception of the brand in 1985 by Hans and Amanda, Just Cruizin has matured into a respected South African label.

Their aim is to always ensure a welcoming environment for their staff of 25, and crafting an ageless cotton comfortable, yet stylish range of clothing that makes women feel beautiful.

Vine Accessories

Vine was established in 2014 in the Cape with a vision to create opportunities for disadvantaged women to earn their own income.
Vine teaches the ladies skills such as arm knitting and crocheting, and markets their products. Their designs are all individually handmade, mostly with reclaimed materials including cotton, leather and wool. The product range is broad and varied, and includes fabric snoods, necklaces and scarves.

Taking hand with Creative Dezigns has been of huge benefit to the upliftment of their ladies. They take immense pride in what they do, and seeing their products sell overseas, gives them a great sense of achievement. The tremendous support of the UK women to the range has kept many Vine ladies in employment and their families fed.


Marzipan is original, handmade jewellery from South Africa.
Owners and sisters in law Shelley and Karyn, with the help of Veronica, have redefined the concept of costume jewellery with their bold, quirky and eclectic designs. From the traditional forms of semi-precious stone and beads, to re-cycled plastic crochet flowers, vintage porcelain, and hand rolled clay beads, ribbons, buttons and other unusual appliqué materia, each piece is created with love and a passion that is tangible and irresistible.

Inspired by colour, texture, craft, trends, history and life…Marzipan, don’t eat it.

“…she dreams of dancing on jewels by night…”

Creative Copper

Creative Copper designs and hand makes brass copper and silver jewellery from White River, Mpumalanga – South Africa
Creative Copper brings you the best of both worlds – international trends combined with an understanding of unique South African lifestyle and cultures. Their collections are handmade locally, creating employment for a team of 50 South African men and women, including the disabled, from disadvantaged communities surrounding White River.

The factory is run on fair trade principles: Minimum wage structures are in place with bonus incentive schemes, wages are paid directly into the worker’s bank accounts, workers are offered sick leave, family responsibility leave, pensions and funeral benefits, UIF pregnancy funds assistance, maternity leave and access to a Labour Union. Life skill training is also a top priority there and they continually train their workers to understand and broaden their horizons on subjects including computer literacy, budgeting, nutrition, banking and assurance.

Every item of jewellery starts life as a single sheet of either copper or brass. The metal is cut to size, heat treated, brazed and joined. The final item is highly polished, cleaned and then covered with hard wearing lacquer. The silver designs are plated with 8 microns of sterling silver in their silver laboratory prior to being lacquered. The process of jewellery making is very labour intensive; from start to finish it is entirely hand made.

Creative Copper was born around the late 1980s and since then has had a very close relationship with Creative DeZigns, supplying us with their beautiful ranges.


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