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About Creative Dezigns

Creative DeZigns was started by my Mum in 1986 after bringing up her children in Johannesburg and returning to the UK.  Here she saw a big void for interesting, unique and affordable accessories as well as the need to support a country she had grown to love.  Mum handed me the reins over 10 years ago, and I continue with ever-growing passion to work with local South African artisans to create impeccably stylish, easy to wear designs, both clothing and jewellery, that UK women will love and cherish.

Our vision is to keep designs classic and timeless in style for everyday wear - not fast fashion - and to maintain outstanding quality in natural fibres wherever possible.  As well as focussing on my home South Africa, we also now work with a family-run factory in Kathmandu to produce the most fabulous, high-quality cotton knitwear on hand machines for Creative DeZigns.  The range we curate is one of natural casualness and comfort and we strive to be a laidback lifestyle brand.
Creative DeZigns is an advocate of the philosophy of Slow Fashion and The Fashion Revolution, presenting a range of ethically sourced designs that allows our audience to dress with a clear conscience.  Our supplier chain is completely transparent and I have  a very personal, hands-on relationship with all artisans we support and am actively involved with the design process.

An enormous amount of thought, care and attention to detail goes into every design Creative DeZigns selects.  My 30 years of experience working within the business has given me a tremendously inherent insight and instinct into what our ladies like.  I believe listening to our customers is one of the most important parts of creating a successful range.

I really hope you will enjoy perusing our designs online.  Many of the models are family and friends (and me!), so it is very personal and very home-grown.  I also hope you will cherish your purchases for years to come and thank you wholeheartedly for your support.

Nikki xx


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